THE Leanbreakthru approach to:                       HEALTHCARE

Lean is a revolution that has demonstrated a massive impact on the service of HealthCare. The  principles are based on giving: the Right Patient, the Right Care, in the Right Amount, at the Right Time, each and every time while continuously pursuing perfection in the service of Human Health.

So what is Lean healthcare?

"The Endless Pursuit of Perfection in the Service of Human Health"

Healthcare must become Lean for the same reasons other industries go Lean: Customers are not able to keep paying for increased costs. The number of medical resources needed is not in alignment with the number of families seeking service. Doctors and clinics must do more to keep up with demand.

Leverage Lean manufacturing principles in the transformation of your healthcare enterprise.

The principles of Lean Thinking apply to Hospitals, from Pathology to Pediatric Clinics, Office practices, all Healthcare Providers. Imagine, no waiting rooms, the percent of time spent between the patent and physician is over 90% of the total visit. Lean Healthcare  focuses on improving the quality and response to patent care by eliminating waste in all it's forms. 

Many hospitals have already begun the journey to become paperless operations. Extend these concepts to errorless patent billing. Improve both the flow of information and patent flow. Few every transaction and process step from the eyes of the patent. Which steps are value added from the patents perspective? Challenge the need for all those non-value added steps: waiting for lab results, elective surgery, waiting during patent registration.

How effective is your organization at preventing problems from recurring? Is your continuous improvement process shared and embraced on a daily basis? How do you know you are improving? Allow Leanbreakthru the opportunity to make dramatic impacts in your Operational Excellence efforts in the pursuit for perfection by Transforming Tomorrow Today.