Private Equity Value Proposition

Private equity firms are seeking persistent year-over-year growth in business value. The magnitude of the growth and ability to sustain a demonstrated repeatable model is vital to delivering premium investor returns. We have the model to improve the performance of your portfolio of companies.

We recognize private equity firms are taking a more proactive role in portfolio company management. It's about driving a higher value proposition. That means improving value by improving product offerings and simultaneously applying a strategy of operational excellence.

Our operational management team of experts (Sensei, SEN-SAY) are able to implement systematic processes to grow your business. We deliver rapid results. Our value proposition is measured by increases in EBITDA, return on net assets (RONA) and free cash flow.

Allow our team of seasoned professionals at Leanbreakthru to accelerate your value proposition. We do this by improving the operational performance of your portfolio companies. We create a standardized, repeatable model for bold improvement that is fundemental to delivering premium investor returns.

Leanbreakthru provides the value that diferentiates average performers and average returns from those funds that deliver premium returns year after year.