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We have over a decade of client business management success. Our Value Proposition has been demonstrated from Lean process services, as in Insurance & Lean Government and Lean HealthCare to manufacturing and discrete processing. We have also demonstrated benefits of applying Lean in county government. Our expertise in product development has proven beneficial for our high technology, Energy and Aerospace clients. 

Our Leanbreakthru Value Proposition is based on based on getting year-over-year results. our professional team members are driven by getting results. They understand that their success and yours are measured by results.

Many traditional management consulting firms make recommendations and fall short on execution.  We not only help clients design their transformation we help them test them and ensure implementation. We help clients create an organization of problem solvers, a bold lean culture of relentless continuous improvement.

With our proprietary Leanbreakthru Business System, Leanbreakthru delivers the fastest and most lasting Lean transformations. Our clients have made us what we are today.



Find out about our organization, mission, our methods, and the results of our decade of client success.

Our Mission

Become a leading international management consulting firm that transforms organizations, from healthcare to government to manufacturing and more. Improving processes through the application of simple, yet elegant, Lean + Breakthru principles.


What We've Achieved

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