unleash the creativity within your organization

Allow your employees the opportunity to use their knowledge/insights to solve problems. Challenge them to "Think". Think Lean principles. The result is an inspired action oriented workforce.


Our Leanbreakthru Value Proposition is based on getting year-over-year results. our professional team members are driven by getting results. They understand that their success and yours are measured by results.

Many traditional management consulting firms make recommendations and fall short on execution.  We not only help clients design their transformation we help them test them and ensure implementation. We help clients create an organization of problem solvers, a bold lean culture of relentless continuous improvement.

With our proprietary Leanbreakthru Business System, Leanbreakthru delivers the fastest and most lasting Lean transformations. Our clients have made us what we are today.


At  Leanbreakthru we have developed an effective, simple, systematic approach to lean transformation. It is a simple strategy as much as a process, and it's called the Leanbreakthru Business System. To coach organizations along this strategy, we have put together a team of Lean Management professionals. We call them Sensei (SEN-SAY). A Sensei is a teacher and coach with a profound depth in lean transformations. 

We dive deep into your current state and study your unique situation  We look for impediments to progress.  We quickly identify what is holding you back. Our Sensei don't tell you what to do: we teach you how to see opportunity and "Think". Think and take actions based on Lean principles.

However, unlike traditional management consultants we do not deliver a leave behind list of recommendations that may or may not ever be enacted. Our Sensei work with your Senior leaders, coaching them on how to create lasting improvement. We transfer our learning to your employees. We give them the ability to sustain change and continuously improve.

Our sensei have all lived the Lean transformation life, it's who we are. You will not find a resent MBA on our team. We bring Lean transformation experience. We are your peers, former executives and high-level managers. We know what works because we have actually done it, it's not theory to us. Each sensei can articulate and provide examples of recent and past transformation experiences that are relevant to your initiative.